... you don't care do you?

you're probally gona skip this and scroll down to read what else blogger has for you to read.
good idea, beause this blog is done. I have a life, and it's not in pixels. i want to leave stardoll, but im staying for a few people.
ellie, kat, jade, and sinead.
i give up on being nice. who cares? no one. good. what my opinion?
stardoll is a virtual world where you get to live out false dreams of fashion and money. but, you can easily be crushed by the blogs. thank god for that. people have their head up way to high.
wanna hear something? stardoll is fake, the people are fake. everything. i've given up on this, but staying for those few people. dont take it personal if im not so nice anymore, its just me. oh and by the way marianna, the irrating fake chatbox girl, thanks for giving away BMKs blog site, it was supposed to be just for BMKers,
I suggest everyone look at what she said, thank you. :D
so say good bye to this blog, unless i decide to keep it and just be myself. blunt, truthful, and sometimes nice. who cares though rite? you dont care do you?
schools here so i'll be on less and less. hey, maybe ill even leave. and typing this is like talking to myself, but if you care enough to read this, well hi.
so why not get a few things out of my system? not like they'll read this, but here something to talk about.
lolita, i hardly talk with you, but i realized how fake you are, without your ''stardollars'' your like nothing. rares buy you everything, as for everybody else. what elite do you know who doesnt own 1 rare iteam?
conii, i like you, but then i realized you signed your blog to lolitas group, but you said how you always hated her, sorta confusing no? i have nothing on you, but just saying. and you weren't always so polite. but whatever right?
mia, never talked to you, always disliked you. just by your blog, i can tell how rude you are. simple as that.
tyler (the OLD owner of applead or w.e it is) i dont really like you, werent you like the guy who was dying to be oh so famous on stardoll, forgetting it is a virtual world, but when people point it out, you get defesnive.
ayah i like you, but i think you are a more follower then starter. and no, not your fashion, it very unquic and nice, but like i said, ^^
blake your cool but a bit blunt, but i cant say thats bad, i mean look at this entire post...
honey1600- i dont know you, but by bmk, i can tell i should hate you. :)

so theres the whole truth, from michelle, yes.
bye bye crazy dolls.

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  1. Well, Shelly, Later I actually sorted out things with Lolita, and realized that she's a nice person, yeah first, I really disliked her, but then we became friends. And, of course you can't be polite if someone is stepping on you like a crumb. :P