Hello, Hello, Hello!

And I'm bad at intros, so let me just let you know, what you need to know. I'm changing this blog up a bit. You know how everything is all ''Vintage Stardoll''? Well, congrads, you found another one of those blogs! I joined BMK (BadMediaKarma, expect to hear a lot about them) and I love it. So this blog, will be a bit similar to the club. All the drama will be posted here, so follow, so you can be updated on everything! Lisa had to leave sadly, and hopefully Shannah and Jade are still up to writing for us...? I know we've been gone for a long time we're back! And better then ever. Oh, and I'm getting my old laptop back soon, so expect some ''Throw Back Graphics'' I made, though I am sorta/was horrible at them. And I'm going to do be a bit more active. Oh and I'm going on vacation, and then celebrating, then more celebrating, so I'm trying my best okay? If you want to be a writer let me know, and I'll see what I can do. Oh, and expect a new magazine, it's coming soon. Very soon. So until the next post... Enjoy this picture I made. Ignore the fact she has no nose please? Thanks.

edit: yes the link is different, it is now sd-sg.blogspot.com It stands for Stardoll Stargirl. Thank-you!

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